Pforzheim Newspaper Tuesday October 11, 2022 Page 18.

Students Arrange Practical Laboratory Training Workshop in Denmark

The construction of a genetic fingerprint to determine a perpetrator – that’s what an Erasmus+ project in Denmark was about. The Pforzheimers Visali Seharan, Pascal Krueger, and Saleem Kahn – students at the Biotechnology High School at the Johanna Wittum School – along with the Danish hosts, organized an international practical laboratory training workshop at the high school in Thisted. There they taught teachers as well as students who had traveled from the Czech Republic, France, Greece, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia. The Pforzheim students not only transmitted their knowledge, but also led international teams in the lab work. The students spent their stay in Thisted with host families, and so they got to know typical Danish families. After the successful laboratory work, a joint visit was made to the Bunker Museum in Haustholm, part of the Atlantic Wall defense system in the Second World War. Besides the mutual work in a biotechnological project, this visit also promoted European thinking. A special challenge this year was the surfing course at the “Cold Hawaii” Beach in the Jutland National Park.